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Thirty percent of college students drop out within their first year. Does this mean a person is doomed to failure? Not at all! Apprenticeship is an answer that can help many people in becoming self-sufficient and productive within society while most college graduates are left with debt and no employment.

Dream International Beauty Academy is committed to helping men and women who would never be able to become licensed barbers and cosmetologists through the traditional route become productive professionals with lasting careers. There are thousands of men and women who love to cut, color and style hair and are working out of their kitchens with their neighbors and friends. These men and women have a passion for the profession but currently have no way to live their dream. Apprenticeship provides the way. It also provides a way for shop and salon owners to attract and keep committed quality barbers and stylists.

What keeps disadvantaged men and women away from the industry? The tuition of a traditional barber/cosmetology school in California can range from $17,500 to $23,000. The inability to earn a wage while attending a traditional school makes the cost even greater. Because traditional schools focus primarily on state board readiness and less on the professional skills necessary to build a productive career, they often over-promise and under-deliver. Despite receiving a license, students frequently leave with a heavy debt and inadequate preparation.

Traditional schools will always have their place, but apprenticeships have a track record of proven effectiveness. In California, apprenticeship programs have successfully operated for over 40 years. Because of the high success rate, DIBA selected California as its headquarters located in Westlake Village. There are active classrooms in Downtown Los Angeles, Pasadena, Oxnard, Santa Barbara, Westlake Village, and Woodland Hills. We will offer classrooms in additional locations as we continue to grow.


  • Affordable tuition

  • Receive an apprentice license

  • Work with pay while you learn

    • Earn $10.50/hour in salons/shops with less than 25 employees

    • Earn $11.00/hour in salons/shops with 26 employees or more

  • Attend minimal classes 

  • Receive a diverse education

  • Gain entrepreneurial skills

  • Quickly build a clientele


Margraretha Wells


Cymone O'Donnell


Bonnie Green

Master Cosmetologist

Kim Kibble

Master Cosmetologist

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